Community Information

To all residents in the area of Clarendon Amenity Limited: We would like to inform you about the history and role of the Clarendon Amenity company

The overall purpose of the company is to maintain the heritage and architectural consistency of our neighborhood, combined with encouraging the neighborhood to come together in a positive and supportive manner.

In line with this, the Clarendon Amenity company aims to inform tenants and residents about relevant neighborhood news and organises meetings to exchange views about issues and initiatives in our neighborhood.


The North Paddington Estate area was historically owned by the Church Commissioners who, in the 1980s, decided to sell off their land. Prior to the sale, they split the land into sections and created a self-governing limited company, known as an Amenity Company, for each section. There are 12 separate Amenity Companies in the local area of the North Paddington Estate.

Our Amenity Company, Clarendon Amenity Limited, consists of the properties 1 – 34 Clarendon Gardens, 21 – 39 Clifton Gardens, 53/55 Clifton Gardens, 1-9, 11/13 & 15-25 Randolph Avenue, 13 Randolph Mews & 1-8, and 8A Randolph Road.


The 69 Freehold Properties within the Clarendon Amenity hold shares in the Amenity Company, which is Clarendon Amenity Limited, a private limited company.

Currently, local resident Jo Eccles and Johannes Natterer are Directors of Clarendon Amenity Limited and Hammerbush Management are the appointed managing agents.

Intention of setting up amenity companies

The Church Commissioner intended the Amenity Companies be in place to maintain and uphold the appearance of the area. For this purpose, Rentcharge Deeds (essentially “rule books”) were drawn up for each Amenity to outline the rights and obligations of each shareholder resident. Their overall intention is to ensure that the appearance of the properties is preserved and that the properties are at all times in a good state of repair.

Obligations for Shareholders

The Rentcharge Deed imposes certain obligations on the Shareholders with regards to maintaining the proper order or the neighbourhood. The obligations are amongst others to keep all houses in good repair, adequately insure the houses, and paint the buildings regularly in a defined and consistent colour: Magnolia (specifically British Standard Colour BS 08 B 15 Dulux is the reference colour.

Works to your property

Please note that you need to inform the Amenity Company, via Hammerbush Management, if you are planning to undertake works to the property which affect the external appearance (front or rear), or if you are changing the use of the property. In all cases, the Amenity Company needs to be informed at least 14 days before making any planning application to Westminster Council to carry out works. A copy of any final planning consent from Westminster Council must subsequently be presented to the Amenity Company, via Hammerbush Management. The Amenity Company does not substitute for getting relevant approvals from Westminster Council.

Selling your property

The authors of the historical Rentcharge Deed also imposed covenants concerning the sale procedure of any property within the Amenity: on the sale of any property in the Amenity, it is necessary for the Freehold Owner to transfer its share in the Amenity Company to the new owner. The new owner is also obliged to comply with the Rentcharge Deed and needs to obtain a document known as a Certificate of Compliance. This is handled by the seller’s solicitor via Hammerbush Management.

We can email you a copy of the Rentcharge Deed on request or you can download a copy of the Rentcharge Deed here. Guidance on the transfers procedures may be downloaded here.


The Clarendon Amenity Company has set up a website, summarising some information about the Amenity, providing further details on it and allowing to contact the Amenity Company.

And as for all residents …

Bringing the neighbourhood together

The Amenity Company also strives to nurturing and developing a neighbourhood community. We seek to provide a platform for people to share information, offer help, seek help and generally create a more lively neighbourhood. If you have any suggestions to this end or want to get more involved, please do let us know. This is all about doing it together.

For any questions or suggestions around the Clarendon Amenity please do not hesitate to contact the Managing Agent, Finola Juster of Hammerbush Management (, or either of the Directors Jo Eccles ( or Johannes Natterer ( – or post it in the WhatsApp Group of the Clarendon Neighbourhood

September 2023